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Nicholas' Story

Nicholas’ heroic journey began on the day he was born in London, United Kingdom, on January 19, 2015. Nicholas was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and had to start fighting for his life on Day 1, Minute 1. He was hailed a 'Warrior' by his surgeon at Westminster Hospital and his team of nurses.

His surgeon assured us that Nicholas was cured post-surgery and that we could return home to sunny Cyprus and never again look back. And so, we did. Since hearing those liberating words, we lived a fairytale life of rainbows and butterflies for six years. Until cancer hijacked our fairytale and turned it into a tragedy in the most brutal way.

At 7 am, on January, 2021, my six-year-old Nicholas urgently left our home in Nicosia, Cyprus, to a hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany, unaware that he would not return for over a year. He waved goodbye to his 8 ½-year-old sister, Theodora, as she was getting ready to go to school with her dad following the Covid-19 lockdown. Little did he know about his recurring health ordeal; he was just happy to miss school on that day. Nothing was ever the same after that morning. Our life would change forever. We, as a family, would change forever.


Symptoms and Diagnosis

January 2021: Nicholas was experiencing fatigue, had lost some weight and was coughing persistently. He had pain in his upper back, and I could feel a soft lump when I touched him. It became tremendously painful the last month before his diagnosis when the lump started pushing Nicholas’ mediastinum to the right. 


He was an extremely active boy, who loved soccer but soon switched to basketball as soccer made him tired. He simply loved playing basketball, riding his scooter and annoying his older sister Theodora.


Nicholas was diagnosed with localized Ewing sarcoma on the left pleura of his lungs, in January 2021. He received chemotherapy right away. Unfortunately, he was prescribed a larger dose for his age and stature, leading to severe side effects that the doctors at the only Children’s Oncology Hospital in Nicosia were unable to tackle.


In just a week, Nicholas had experienced hematuria (blood in his urine), appetite loss, bone ache, mouth ulcers, alteration of taste, jaw pain and, ultimately, excruciating pain in his belly. He was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), where he got intubated for the first time. 


Two weeks later and amidst Covid-19, we left Cyprus with an air ambulance to Düsseldorf, Germany. Nicholas survived several cycles of toxic chemotherapy and made it to the oncology ward when most doctors thought he wouldn’t make it. 


Ewing Sarcoma

The cause of Ewing Sarcoma remains unknown. It is an abnormal gene, a translocation. It is genetic but not inherited. In Nicholas’ case, it seemingly began when he had his diaphragmatic hernia operation at two days old. Sarcoma can go undetected for months, and sometimes years, as early detection is not always feasible. 


"Ewing sarcoma is particularly difficult to treat, and little progress has been made in developing effective treatment for patients. Relapse or metastasis in the brain is treatable but not curable. My understanding is that the lack of progress in treatment is mainly linked to the challenges in developing drugs that can block the fusion protein linked to Ewing sarcoma tumors. Overall incidence of solid tumors has been slowly increasing. Therefore, there is more incentive to vigorously explore new treatments now, perhaps surpassing research barriers to yield positive outcomes. 


Nothing can prepare you

I remember praying so hard, asking God to put me in my son’s position. I often questioned my faith, and wondered ‘why us?’ I would whisper words of hope and love in my son’s ears. I cried silently so that he couldn’t hear me while he was still on sedation. And then, just like that, he woke up and started calling for his mama. 


Nicholas the Warrior: treatments and a desire to live

Following months of being bedridden, Nicholas got extubated, and although he was unable to walk, he was ready to fight for his life. 


‘Don’t ask why us, mommy, don’t ask why me,’ he would often tell me. ‘I know that I have the strength to fight this, and I will.’ 


We soon moved from Düsseldorf to Cologne Germany, at a small pediatric oncology hospital where doctors and nurses were amazing. Nicholas worked hard on physiotherapy and speech therapy. It certainly isn’t easy to speak over a speech cannula let alone chew and swallow like you used to. Everything was new and different. Despite the exhausting treatments, Nicholas was ready to do it all. He continued his online school classes and was eager to restart life. 


Nicholas received 14 chemotherapy rounds before traveling to Vienna, Austria for a major surgery. One of the drugs that is used to treat Ewing sarcoma is Doxorubicin, also known as the ‘red devil’. It is a toxic drug that can interfere with cardiovascular function. Unfortunately, in Europe doctors have only recently started to prescribe the protective drug to protect the heart. Nicholas was not prescribed this prior to the Doxorubicin and this led to some disturbance in the heart function. 


Every chemo cycle led us one step closer to our goal but was always coupled with fear and excruciating pain. Anemia, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, several infections, hair loss, edema and much more.

Several psychologists were sent by the hospital to see Nicholas along the way. He was somewhat skeptical each time, as they spoke about pain, suffering and death. He would tell them that he was here to live and would ask for words of empowerment instead. His maturity and wisdom were profound for his young age. 

Nicholas survived a lengthy operation in Vienna at one of Europe’s best hospitals. With more chemotherapy, countless side effects, and more dark nights of fear and pain. Vienna was a place of many emotions. Nicholas got to see the Christmas market, visit a few restaurants and dress fancy as he always liked to do. He got to connect with his classmates and his favorite teacher back at home and really made progress in every aspect. We were all missing Theodora terribly, who was back at home with my parents, but she visited us often. Nicholas spent his 7th birthday with mommy and daddy in Vienna. He blew his candles with so much passion and joy, and he made a grand wish: NO MORE CANCER IN THIS WORLD!

In March 2022 we had great news with a 'clear of the disease' diagnosis. We returned to Cyprus, ready to exhale, and to re-start life. Nicholas had made big plans. He was ready to swim in the Mediterranean, go fishing with his dad, eat at his favorite local taverns, spend time with his beloved grandparents and prank his sister. 

Yet, Nirvana did not last for long. In May 2022, Nicholas’ first PET scan showed a relapse and we were again faced with a major decision: fight or flight.

Following the devastating news, we had little to no hope from European institutions. Boston Children’s Hospital, which I respect and admire for their fantastic work on research and implementation of new therapeutic techniques, gave us some recommendations. We opted for a pediatric hospital in Miami, where a friend and well-respected Cypriot oncologist works. 

We arrived in Miami on July 13, 2022. Nicholas was intubated for the third time the first day he set foot in the hospital. The anesthesiologist did not know how to deal with Nicholas's breathing situation. A rather easy procedure, the one of administering a line for his treatments led to another ordeal and Nicholas suffered immensely for months. Nonetheless, my boy received 12 cycles of chemotherapy in Miami and 36 sessions of proton therapy and was once more at a non-detectable stage of Ewing sarcoma. In Miami, he practically lived in the hospital’s PICU and never made it to the oncology ward as he was constantly on a ventilator. 


Nicholas loved his nurses and especially Danny, his respiratory nurse. He advised Danny to propose to his girlfriend before it was too late. Nicholas took his role in the hospital seriously, and his mission was accomplished when Danny proposed. 

Nicholas would pay special attention to the sun and trees and say: ‘This is life people. Every breath counts, so you better make it count!’

As we continued with the final rounds of chemotherapy, Nicholas started to lose his zest for life. He was experiencing a horrible and terrifying trembling in his right arm. We consulted a neurologist but we were assured that this was a result of the treatment itself. Behind each cancer, there are so many complications. 

On September 23, 2023 Nicholas and I got to spend some time alone in his room at the hospital. He had just finished with another chemo cycle and there was only one left.  He asked me to sit on his bed and all he wanted was to thank me for being his mother and for standing by him. He asked me to hold him in my arms and watch a movie with him. 

‘Your love cannot save me, mommy, but please keep loving me,’ he told me. 

The next morning he suffered a head stroke. Right in front of his beloved sister’s eyes as she held his hand, trying to assure him that he would be ok. Nicholas suffered a severe hemorrhage. The tumor had metastasized in his brain. Nicholas left the ‘plane of earth’ a month after.

Nicholas was a rare, charismatic human being. He was forthright, candid and stubborn. He was a giver and a loving person. He had a profound impact on the lives of people who got to know him well. He had a mature sense of humor and a witty mind and was undeniably a dreamer. He dreamt of studying at Harvard and had a foremost goal- that no other kid would go through what he went through. His life mission as he often said, was to find a cure for the ‘beast’ called Ewing sarcoma. 

Nicholas’ story is sealed in those big, brown eyes of hope, that smile of courage and that heart full of love. It is a story of physical and emotional pain, a fight with old tools in a broken medical system. 


A Mother’s Promise

I will try to do everything in my power to fulfill my son’s life mission so that no other family goes through the pain and suffering we went through. 

The Nicholas Zoe Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the loving memory of Nicholas Artemiou. It advocates for pediatric sarcoma patients by funding research and fostering awareness about the disease. 

The Nicholas Zoe Foundation dares to dream of advanced medical treatment options for Ewing Sarcoma and diagnostic tools that will enable earlier diagnosis and personalized treatment. 


If you have been touched by Nicholas’ story, please help us invest in high-quality research and support a cure for childhood cancer.


Alexia Potamitou

Nicholas’ mother

President of Nicholas Zoe Foundation


who we are

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Alexia Potamitou

Clinical Dietician/ Nutritionist BS, MS(USA

President & Nicholas' Mother

Alexia was born in Athens, Greece. She later relocated to Nicosia, Cyprus, where she completed her high school education before pursuing Medicine in Gottingen, Germany. Discovering her passion for health and nutrition early on, she redirected her studies to Food and Nutrition in the United States. For nearly 15 years, Alexia has dedicated herself to dietetics in private practice. Her work involves counseling patients with various health concerns including IBS, IBD, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and nutrition during the perimenopausal, menopausal, and gestational periods. She particularly enjoys working with children, firmly believing in the uniqueness of each individual's nutritional needs. Alexia's guiding principles revolve around love, forgiveness, and choice. These values not only foster strong connections with family, friends, and clients but also enrich her own life. An accomplished author, she has penned three books on nutrition and one children's book, advocating strongly for health and women's issues. As a mother, Alexia's journey has been marked by profound challenges and losses. Her 9-year-old son, Nicholas, bravely battled Ewing sarcoma before passing away on October 24th, 2023. Her 11-year-old daughter, Theodora, stands as a silent hero, showcasing remarkable strength throughout their family's ordeal.


Dr George Potamitis FEBGH

Specialist Gastroenterologist – Hepatologist- Internal Medicine, former President of Cyprus Medical Council


Dr. Potamitis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1951, harboring a lifelong dream of becoming a physician, driven by the desire to directly serve people and save lives. Graduating with his medical diploma from Aristotelion University of Salonica in 1976, he went on to specialize in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Hepatology. His professional journey led him to prestigious institutions such as Ippokrateon General Hospital in Athens and the Department of Endoscopy unit at the AICHI Cancer Center Hospital in Nagoya, Japan. Since 1983, Dr. Potamitis has been at the helm of a private Medical Center, concurrently serving as a consultant for various private hospitals in Cyprus. His illustrious career includes a decade-long tenure as President of the Cyprus Medical Council and founding President of the Cyprus Gastroenterology Society. He has also been instrumental in medical education, lecturing at the state School of Medicine and European University Medical School, while advising the Minister of Health for the Cyprus NHS and contributing to numerous research programs, yielding several publications and presentations. Beyond medicine, Dr. Potamitis finds solace in poetry, literature, and watching noir films. Although he once enjoyed playing football, his leisure now revolves around attending football games. One of his most cherished roles is that of a grandfather to Nicholas, a remarkable boy who valiantly battled Ewing Sarcoma. Despite his illness, Nicholas maintained his humor and courage, expressing remorse for any perceived burden on his family. His unwavering gaze sought reassurance from his grandfather, conveying hope for recovery that, sadly, remained unfulfilled. Nicholas's enduring memory continues to inspire Dr. Potamitis daily, motivating him to persist in his mission of helping others. As Vice President of the Nicholas-ZOE Foundation, named in honor of his grandson, he is committed to realizing Nicholas's dream of bringing hope to children afflicted by Ewing Sarcoma. "ZOE," meaning life in Greek, embodies their shared dedication to supporting those in need, ensuring Nicholas's legacy lives on.

Dr George Astras PHOTO.jpg

Dr George Astras MRCP, MSc (U.K)

Member of Scientific Committee

Medical Oncology Consultant

Prof. George Astras, a distinguished Medical Oncologist and Professor of Oncology at the European University, holds numerous pivotal roles in the medical field. Currently serving as the Director of Medical Oncology at the American Medical Center, Platonas Medical Center, and St George/Blue Cross Clinics, he has significantly contributed to the advancement of oncology care. His notable achievements include spearheading the development of two Oncology Centers and three Satellite Oncology Units, as well as establishing 24-hour Acute Oncology Services. Presently, he serves as the Director of the Hemato-Oncology Department at the American Medical Center (AMC) and Platonas Medical Center (PMC). Prof. Astras is renowned for his innovative contributions, having developed e-learning modules for medical professionals and played a crucial role in creating I-QEMO, the pioneering online electronic chemotherapy prescribing system. Additionally, he holds positions as Vice President of the Cyprus Brain Tumor Association (CTBA) and Royal McDonald House Charity Cyprus (RMHC), while also serving on the scientific board of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. He has played a significant role in the establishment and growth of the Movember Foundation in Cyprus. An impassioned advocate, Prof. Astras has delivered numerous motivational speeches addressing cancer awareness and combating associated stigma. His dedication extends to tackling projects focusing on soft tissue sarcomas, pediatric rare tumors, and adult tumors. Currently, he leads multiple initiatives aimed at enhancing regional cancer care and support. In recent years, Prof. Astras has dedicated himself to improving the National Healthcare System, emphasizing reforms to enhance cancer prevention, care, treatment access, and quality. His unwavering commitment to advancing oncology and healthcare systems underscores his profound impact on the medical community and society at large.


Dr Athena Pefkarou, MD

Member of Scientific Committee

Pediatric Hematologist /Oncologist

Dr. Athena Christodoulou Pefkarou, MD, FAAP, specializing in Hematology/Oncology, was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, on July 30, 1948. Growing up amidst the EOKA revolution for independence, her parents' active involvement meant their home was frequently under close watch by the British authorities. Sent to London for pre-medical studies, she completed her high school education there. It was during this time that she met her late husband, Kyriacos Pefkaros, from Limassol, who was also pursuing pre-medical studies. While her husband attended Leeds University Medical School, Athena pursued her medical education at London University, University College Medical School. They married shortly before her graduation in May 1973. In June 1974, after obtaining their licenses to practice in the UK, they immigrated to the USA for postgraduate studies. Spending three years in Baltimore, Athena completed her pediatric residency at Mercy Hospital/University of Maryland, while her husband pursued internal medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital/Johns Hopkins. They settled in Miami in June 1977 for fellowships. While her husband pursued adult cardiology at the University of Miami, Athena embarked on a clinical fellowship in Hematology/Oncology, initially primarily focusing on Oncology, particularly in Leukemia/Lymphomas and Kidney malignancies. Over the years, she gradually divided her time more evenly between Hematology and Oncology until eventually ceasing to accept new Oncology patients five years ago. A pivotal achievement of Dr. Pefkarou's career has been the establishment of the sickle cell comprehensive care center at Children's Hospital, now known as NCH, catering to over 250 children with Sickle cell diseases and other hemoglobinopathies, along with 200 children with sickle cell trait. The program, which provides comprehensive care including social work and psychological support, is renowned for its transition program to adult centers and forthcoming ventures into Bone Marrow Transplantation and Gene therapy. Through foundation support, Dr. Pefkarou revived the fellowship program, welcoming its second fellow this July. Additionally, she oversees the annual sleep-away camp for children with cancer, initiated in 1991, which has grown into a cherished tradition supported by counselors, many of whom are cancer survivors treated at NCH. Dr. Pefkarou's commitment extends to medical education, where she teaches students from FIU and other institutions, serving as an Associate Clinical Professor at FIU's Medical School. She also plays an active role in various committees at NCH, including resident and Hematology fellowship selection committees, the Cancer committee, Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee, Medical Education committee, and the Chemotherapy safety task force. As the Director of the Sickle Cell Comprehensive Care program and a member of the Children's Oncology Group, Dr. Pefkarou continues to make significant contributions to pediatric hematology/oncology care and education.


Sofia Christodoulou

Financial Controller at Bregal Investments LLP London


Sofia Christodoulou serves as the Financial Controller at Bregal Investments LLP in London, where she specializes in private equity, boasting over a decade of industry expertise. Beyond her professional role, Sofia is deeply dedicated to community empowerment. Taking the helm of all London-based corporate volunteering projects at Bregal, Sofia spearheads initiatives that engage her colleagues in charitable activities and giving. Her proactive leadership ensures enthusiastic participation in philanthropic endeavors throughout the organization. Furthermore, Sofia actively pursues strategic funding opportunities to support impactful causes, showcasing her talent for driving meaningful change. Sofia earned her B.Sc. in Public and Business Administration from the University of Cyprus and holds accreditation as a qualified Accountant from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


Aliki Makride

Medical Secretary


Aliki was born in Georgia in 1986. At the age of six, her family relocated to Greece and, later settling in Nicosia, Cyprus, where she completed her high school education and obtained a diploma in Office Administration from Cyprus College. Since 2017, Aliki has been employed at the Gastroenterology and Nutrition Center alongside Alexia Potamitou and Dr. George Potamitis. Naturally social and positive, Aliki has developed a strong passion for assisting people. Through her daily interactions with clients of all ages at the medical center, she has cultivated patience and considers it a privilege to be able to help others. In her role alongside Alexia, Aliki has expanded her knowledge in nutrition and diseases. She has organized online events, managed websites, written articles, handled business-related emails, scheduled meetings and appointments, and prepared reports. Aliki fondly remembers Nicholas, who would often visit the clinic to give Alexia a hug with his infectious smile and captivating brown eyes, even during his illness before leaving Cyprus. For three years, Aliki and others prayed for Nicholas's recovery as he bravely battled Ewing Sarcoma. Aliki takes immense pride and joy in being a part of the Nicholas-ZOE Foundation, dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of this courageous young hero. "No more cancer in this world!" Nicholas fervently exclaimed, leaving a lasting impact on Aliki and motivating her in her commitment to the foundation's mission.

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Alina de la Vega Mac Lean

Holistic health coach, founder of DOTE wellness


Alina de la Vega is the founder and CEO of the Miami-based company Dote Wellness, a plant-based wellness line developed for whole-body support, offering a product line that includes capsules, topicals, and tinctures with ingredients that increase energy levels, boost stamina, and reduce stress. In addition to her leadership at Dote Wellness, Mrs. De la Vega has more than 15 years of experience in the South Florida high-end market. She is one of the owners of the real estate powerhouse One Sotheby’s International Realty (ONE SIR). ONE SIR has flourished to thirty offices backed by a global network that spans 26,000 associates in 81 countries and is recognized as the Top Real Estate Brokerage in Miami and across Florida’s East Coast. As part of her role on the board at the investment firm Yntegra Group, Mrs. De la Vega also oversees several facets of Yntegra's business, including real estate development, design, marketing, and sales. She is actively involved in two major real estate developments in the Exuma Bahamas, including the 140-acre development in Sampson Cay and the 220-acre development in Cave Cay. Originally from Miami, Mrs. De la Vega currently resides in Coral Gables, Florida, with her husband and four children.


Tatiana Berman Weinstein

Former Marketing and Public Relations Specialist


Tatiana Berman, a devoted mother of three, former marketing and public relations specialist, channels her passion into supporting mothers on their journey to secure the best care for their children. Her dedication to this cause was ignited by a harrowing health scare she faced with her middle son at the age of three while residing in Chile, where little was known about his rare condition. Witnessing firsthand how a single diagnosis can alter the trajectory of one's life, Tatiana empathizes deeply with families, especially mothers, who navigate extraordinary lengths for their children's well-being. Originally from Panama, Tatiana has raised her children alongside her husband in various locales, including Santiago, Chile, Greenwich, CT, and most recently, Key Biscayne, Florida. Committed to effecting change, she is an active participant in the 100% Project—a collective of dedicated volunteers striving to combat childhood diseases by bolstering philanthropic support for groundbreaking research and innovations at Boston Children’s Hospital. Tatiana embarked on a successful corporate career after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a focus on marketing from Bryant University, complemented by minors in communication and political science. Her professional journey took her to Los Angeles, CA, where she garnered invaluable experience servicing the entertainment industry, promoting Hispanic films and actors in collaboration with major studios like Universal, Dreamworks, Disney, and Paramount. Subsequently relocating to Miami, FL, she thrived in top communication conglomerate InterPublic Group, contributing her expertise to Golin Harris, Weber Shandwick, and The Axis Agency public relations brands. Transitioning to an independent marketing consultancy role, Tatiana provided strategic guidance to Fortune 500 companies and multimillion-dollar enterprises. In 2010, Tatiana's pursuit of higher education led her to Evanston, IL, where she pursued a master's degree in communication from Northwestern University, coinciding with the birth of her first daughter and a shift in focus towards motherhood as her primary priority. Leveraging her marketing background, Tatiana seeks to create meaningful impact by bringing inspiring speakers to her children's school and community, and actively participating in various school committees to foster a sense of community spirit and unity. Furthermore, she is dedicated to cultivating a network of solution-driven philanthropists who align with the 100% Project's mission of eradicating incurable diseases and fortifying preparedness for future health crises. Tatiana finds purpose and fulfillment in advocating for pediatric care and empowering mothers to seek the answers they need to make a difference in their children's lives.

_AJP1348 copy.jpg

Mahi Solomou

Public Relations and Communications


Mahi Solomou, born in Cyprus and raised in the Arab Gulf, embarked on a transformative journey that took her to the United States for five remarkable years of study and work in public relations. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Mahi has lent her expertise to various industries, including hospitality, leisure, energy, and real estate. Corporate social responsibility and volunteerism have long been integral to Mahi's professional and personal endeavors. She has consistently aligned herself and organizations with ethical practices and meaningful causes. In 2014, Mahi was chosen to represent Cyprus in the United States for a two-week Leadership Program titled 'Standing with Civil Society,' facilitated by the US State Department. Additionally, for the past two decades, she has participated in numerous half marathons, using these events as platforms to raise funds and awareness for cancer and rare genetic diseases. A pivotal moment in Mahi's journey occurred when she encountered a young lady with a rare genetic disease at a human library. This encounter sparked an enlightening exploration into the lives of individuals affected by both visible and invisible diseases. Mahi realized that behind each smile lies a unique story intertwined with mental, psychological, and physical challenges, motivating her to take further action. Currently serving as a press officer for AIPFE Cyprus-Women of Europe and a facilitator for Lean In Nicosia Huddle, Mahi actively advocates for causes close to her heart. She firmly believes that as human beings, we possess the innate ability to enhance the world with our unique contributions, and that acts of kindness, when multiplied, can truly make a difference. Mahi's unwavering commitment to making the world a better place exemplifies her belief in the power of compassion and collective action.

Photo annie 1.png

Annie Markitanis

Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, Eating Disorders Advocate


At the age of seventeen, Annie embarked on an educational and self-growth journey that led her to California for several years before settling in London. Eventually, she made Milan her home in 2011, where she resided for a decade. Currently, Annie divides her time between Italy and Greece/Cyprus. With a background in Fine Arts, Fashion & Visual Arts, Annie has held various creative roles over the years. From project coordinator and content manager for different companies and initiatives to managing editor at magazines, she has contributed her talents to a diverse range of projects. In 2017, Annie joined the Milano Design Film Festival, immersing herself in the world of cinema and design in Milan. A year later, she became the key partner of the MDFF World Tour for Greece & Cyprus. In 2013, Annie pursued a BPS accredited Masters Practitioners on Eating Disorders in London, leading her to join MentorCONNECT, the first global eating disorders mentoring community. Serving as a mentor for individuals suffering from Eating Disorders until 2017, Annie later became a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach in September 2018, under the rigorous training of Carolyn Costin, an internationally renowned figure in the field of Eating Disorders. As an openly recovered professional, Annie offers support to individuals virtually or in-person, nationally and internationally. She works with women, men, adolescents, and children struggling with various eating disorders and related issues, assisting them in reaching their treatment goals and reintegrating into normal life. Annie also advocates for full recovery, firmly believing that anyone can achieve it regardless of their past attempts or the duration of their suffering. Annie's approach mirrors the values upheld by the Nicholas Zoe Foundation, encapsulated in a quote by Thomas Moore: “You don’t choose a dark night for yourself. It is given to you. Your job is to sift it for its gold.” She embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and envisions positive change for the greater collective, embodying resilience and hope in her endeavors.

who we fund

As a first step towards our vision and mission, we are in the process of raising funds for new research being conducted by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. The Center has already been successful in the genetic fingerprinting of pediatric solid tumors, which are much more complex than adult tumors. This allows for a more targeted, precise drug choice, which improves outcomes. The new research will build upon these results by transitioning the capture of genetic material from biopsies of the tumors to a simple blood test. This advancement translates to faster diagnosis and more targeted care.

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